Sunday, July 31, 2011

Still plugging away...

I am almost finished with my June Phat Fiber Superbox spinning.  I won this box in June for purchases I made from contributors to the June Phat Fiber box.  This box had fiber and yarn samples, some full size batts, a project bag, full size yarn, a spindle, and patterns in it.  It was like a huge fiber explosion!  I was thrilled to win it, because I NEVER win anything.  I took all of the yarn samples, ran it through my winder and now have a huge ball of cool looking yarns.  I started crocheting already...we will see what I end up with. :)  I decided to spin the fiber and filled up one, two, and am now working on my 3rd jumbo bobbin!  I am loving the chance to spin every kind of fiber that you could think of!!  So far my favorite to spin was the cotswold!  It's such a sturdy fiber!!
Here is a picture of skein 1 and skein 2, still working on 3!