Sunday, July 24, 2011

Merino is here!

Yeah!  It seems I have been waiting FOREVER for my merino to come in for the shop...but Friday it arrived- lots and lots of it. So, on to the dyeing! Any special colors you would like to see?

I am almost done bagging up my PHAT samples for the Bollywood theme.  I am in love with them!  My favorite so far- maybe because of all the bright colors!  I decided to do them up as Bolly "wool" Bags.  For the full size bags, they weigh in over 3 ounces.  I pulled off approx. 1 yard sections of roving in orange, green, deep blue, pink/purple (merino and Falkland Island wool) added a nice bit of bright yellow firestar, curly yearling mohair locks in a bright turquoise, sari silk, black angelina, a nice fluffy pink sparkly batt and finally a few yards of ladder ribbon done in warm jewel tones.  I will have the full size bags in the shop after the 12th.  I also will be providing the Phat Fiber Blog with a full size bag as a giveaway.  You can spin/felt from the bag, or you can card it up into a super colorful "Bolly Batt"!