Friday, July 1, 2011

It was only a matter of time.... ;)

I have a new fur baby.  Yesterday my youngest and I headed out on a road trip about 3 hours North.  I have been looking for an angora breed for a few weeks, but every time I think I have found one, they are all sold out.  Yesterday morning I stumbled across an add for a French Angora.  When I contacted the breeder, she informed me they were gone :(  But she told me she had 3 Giant Angora's that she was selling for a friend who had to move.  She sent me pictures, and I did some research- found out they are perfect for spinners, next I decided I need to see how BIG these GIANTS would get- so we went on a trip.  Now mind you, my husband could not believe I was willing to drive 3 hours one way to go see a bunny (sometimes men just don't get it....)

Anywho....of course one of the females came home with us.  Oh lordy she is going to be a BIG spoiled baby!  Even Morgan our shepard mix is in love with her.  She actually wanted to stay out next to the hutch all night.  Crazy dog!

Now we just need to name her....always the hardest part for me!