The Alpacas

Here are our boys!

We have two male alpacas.  Both have been gelded as we are not in the business of backyard breeding.  Challenger, is a beautiful rose gray alpaca who is so very sweet.  He loves his carrots and will come and give you 'paca kisses once he trusts you.  Jack is a large and beautiful silver gray who is very inquisitive.  He has an intimidating look in his eyes, but is truly a big baby who can be won over with a handful of carrots!
DSCN3742 (800x734)
DSCN3762 (800x725)

We can offer these two beautiful animals the best living conditions by keeping them on pasture.  By keeping only two, we can rotate pastures and help reduce dependence on worming medications. A bonus with this lush pasture is that they could care less about hay, of course they have it available, and can be found eating it when it is raining and they are stuck under the barn.  We started with two pastures, and have added a third.  Our boys are happy and are growing beautiful fiber!

Another bonus is the interaction my own children get to have with them.  My daughter has spent the past few weeks halter training these boys.  She has them accepting the halter and walking on lead.  I recently paid someone to come and cut their nails, but now we are able to have them stand and do it ourselves.  Every day with these fellas is a learning experience.