Sunday, August 15, 2010

My Peace Felt projects

I was assigned a Peace Felt partner and have been busy deciding what to share with her.  Last week I felted a light blue bag.  I ended up using that as well as two other pieces I made.  I hope she likes what I have made. Since she is a needle felter, I included a small bag of the wool, silk, and angelina fibers I used to make her gifts.  Hopefully she will like that also.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My wonderful vacation is over.....

Back to school for me today.  I am excited as always to get back and plan for my new students, but I am going to miss the lazy no schedule days of summer.....
Earlier in the Summer I dyed a bunch of wool, silk and angelina fibers.  Yesterday I made a new pencil case with some of it.  This time I think I was able to finally perfect adding the silk and angelina within the wool just enough to keep it in place, but not so much that I lose the sparkly quality of the fibers. 

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Felt sampler pillow

I'm still taking the Organic Embroidery class.  This week we are to use a microscopic picture for inspiration.  I was excited because we were to use applique for this project.  I wet felted two pieces of multicolored felt that I knew I wanted to use for the applique portion.  The design is not what I would typically create on my own, so it has been fun to think outside of my own box for these embroidery lessons.  :)  Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Doin' the hat dance!

I am so happy!  I have been wanting to make a hat.  Actually, watching someone make a felted hat is what drew me to this whole felting thing in the first place!  It has always scared me a little.  I don't have a fancy hat block and I don't like going through the whole test swatch thing.  Well yesterday some natural wool that I ordered came in.  It is the prettiest smoky gray color.  Perfect for a hat!  I made a resist using floor underlayment (awesome resist material) sorta looks like the shape of a bell.  After felting it, it looked like it really wanted a flower, so I made one.  Here it is!  I love it and it fits like a glove...I mean hat! ;)

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Merino and Tencel .....I like!

This morning I woke up wanting to felt.  I had some fiber that I had not played with yet.  It is a merino and tencel fiber mix.  Tencel is a fiber made from wood pulp cellulose.  In felting, I can liken the look to that of tussah silk fibers.  It gives a really nice shiny look with that typical wavy look that I seem to get when I use the silk fibers.  It has a nice soft feel and if I wanted to make a piece of clothing ( which I don't know how to do...) I think this would be a nice blend to use.  I really like it!  This photo is from parts of the bag that I am making from this fiber.  I used a resist, but will post a picture of the finished bag later!  Have a wonderful Sunday!