Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fabulous Mail Day...

Have you ever had those days where you enjoyed getting your mail?  I mean we are used to getting bills and a bunch of junk that we never really look at...not too exciting there.  Well, yesterday was a fabulous mail day for me.  First, I received my Peace Felt from Anne-Marie in the Netherlands.  I am absolutely in love with the piece!  She represented the land and sky with the panel and added a ring of flowers. 

The next wonderful piece of mail was over 3 pounds of raw romney wool from a farm in Michigan.  I have finally gotten enough courage up to try to clean my own.  I REALLY want to make a small rug from the wool.  I ordered it from Oak Willow Farm on Etsy.  Wonderful service-check them out!

And finally. I received an awesome market bag I ordered from Beth's Market Bags, also on Etsy. If you are a fan of oilcloth, then you will love her bags.  I was so happy with my purchase that as soon as I opened it, I ordered another one!  I do have to say I cannot remember a time where I was so excited to receive mail! Well enough rambling from me, I hope you have a wonderful day!