Saturday, April 16, 2011

My week...

Every single day after work, no matter how worn out I was, I made myself work on something actually made me forget how tired I was!

I started another embroidery class with artist Susan Sorrell, called Dippity Do.  Each week we have a new part to work on for our Dippity Do characters.  This week has been sewing down the applique pieces.  Next week we will be moving into the decorative stitching.  I love her online classes! 

Another project I am working on includes using my hand spun yarn.  Since I am still in the beginning stages of learning, I have decided to take all of the practice skeins and create a project with them together......I am sure it will be very strange looking with all of the crazy color combinations, but I'm okay with that! ;)

The final project I worked on was a wet felted bird.  I saw a cartoon bird on a business card and remember seeing on a web site a similar bird, so I drew it out and put the drawing away.  As I was cleaning my junk table desk, I found the drawing again and decided to wet felt the body.  It is filled with dried beans.  My dog Morgan, who seems to REALLY love my felted pieces has relocated this poor bird a few times.  I ended up putting it up on a shelf that she cannot reach!  Crazy dog!!  Today I head off to my 2nd guild meeting.  I am excited to see the Alpaca that were sheared, they did it on Thursday, so I am sure they look quite different from my visit last month! 

I hope all of you have a fabulous weekend!!