Saturday, April 9, 2011

My favorite kind of washing!

Today started early for me.  I'm an earlybird and love the quiet time I have in the morning while the rest of the family is sleeping- I seem to get tons done and don't feel too guilty for taking some me time.
 I decided to start washing some of the Alpaca fleece that I purchased when I went to the last Fiber Arts meeting.  I have sorted most of it and decided I want to try spinning still needed to be washed, so that's what I spent my morning doing.  When Alpaca is dry it has virtually no smell, but peeeewww, it had a VERY different smell when it was wet.  Now that it's dry, the smell has gone away, but it was kinda stinky! :)

I have about the same amount left to wash as I did wash today....but I think I have enough cleaned to get started.  Now to decide if I am going to mix it with some Merino or just spin it on its own.  Any suggestions out there?  I've decided not to dye this batch....maybe the next batch.