Monday, July 26, 2010

My class

I am taking a class through called "Creative Embroidery: Organic Designs".  To say it has been challenging, is an understatement!   This is my first project which is a stitch sampler.  It has no pattern.  I still have some beading to finish on it, but am pleased with the look.  Currently I am working on a seed pod and had a chance to paint my fabric to stitch my project on.....more on that once it is complete.  I am hoping to use this class to help me add embroidery to my felted back to stitching! :)

Saturday, July 24, 2010

It's finally done!

My rag rug is complete! My first "big" crochet project. I used old sheets to make this for my back porch. Now I can start working on a felted scarf for a dear friend of mine. I hope everyone enjoys their Saturday, I'm spending my day with the ones I love. :)
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Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I have been painting, sewing slip covers and pillows, and now crocheting this rug. I have been redecorating my backporch. I spend so much time out back now that the girls have been spending most of their day in the pool, I figured it needed an update. Here is my partial view from the inside of the porch....

Friday, July 16, 2010

Crochet 101 Class

When I was younger, I could crochet a never ending chain.  It really never evolved to much more than that.  Over the years, I would try to go back to crochet but would frustrate myself to no end trying to read written instructions with tiny pictures.  I then became the master of single crochet by trial and error. I even taught myself to knit, but I still had problems learning other crochet stitches.   So finally after all of these years, I took a class!  I actually "get it" now!  Seeing it and having someone there who I could turn to if I had a question was wonderful.  By no means will I be crocheting an afghan anytime soon, but I am happy to be able to check that off my bucket list! :)

The picture is of a soap pocket I made  during class using cotton yarn.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

My results...

Hopefully when I come back from vacation, I will be able to work on the projects I have planned for all of this fiber!!!  I purposefully left it with a tie dye look.  I cannot wait to see how the silk hankies and caps work with my ideas-the colors are really soft and I was happy with how well the dye set when I was rinsing...the water was almost completely clear.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Summer in my yard.....and dyeing fibers

Starting in the Spring, I have been taking pictures of the flowers and trees blooming in my yard.  I am always amazed how the permanent structures like the pond/waterfall change each year.  I wanted to share this collage of my ever changing garden. 
On the felting front, I have spent my morning dyeing wool, silk caps, silk hankies, and firestar.  I wanted to complete dye sets with all of these materials so that some projects I have planned will have the same color tones.  I even completed a set of tea stained wool, silk gauze, linen, and tussah silk.  It's all drying to come once it's all dry!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Felted Flower Tutorial

Choose your wool.

Layout the inside color of the flower.

Layout in circle pattern.

Continue until you feel the layers are even.  Don't go too thick or your flower will not be as flexible for shaping.

Choose a length of wool for your stem. Mine was about 14 inches long.

Place stem onto back of flower.

I use tulle to cover my wool before wetting it.  I kept the stem away from the flower, only the end was on the flower.

Wetting the wool.  I used hot water with a bit of hand soap.

Wrap stem separately from the flower before rolling.

Roll, roll, roll.....

Rinse soap, and roll in your hands.  Open the flower, close the flower and continue to roll.  Continue this until the flower fibers stiffen.  Also roll the stem during this time.

Sometimes I need to trim the top of my flower to help shape it.  After I cut, I will repeat the previous step.

Finally shape flower and let dry.
For the center, I needle felt a ball, that I then needle felt into the center of my flower when it is dry.

Another variation to this project is to wet felt floral wire inside the stem.  It works well to allow the flower to stand up in a vase.  Hope this tutorial helps! :)

Monday, July 5, 2010

Finished garland

Finally done.  What a fun project!  I can see making these for all kinds of occasions!

Crafting ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) :)

I admit it, I do have crafting ADD.  I find myself with tons of extra time to get myself into lots of crafting trouble.  I do love my summers! 
 I recently took a trip to Atlanta and went shopping in many of the fabulous vintage/antique stores.  I found the most adorable Yo-Yo quilt.  Of couse I bought it, and then thought to myself (dangerous territory here..I know) I could make these!  So off on my quest to become a Yo-Yo maker.  I am dreaming of Yo-Yo garlands, so I am now making myself one. 
I have also been working on embroidering the notebook cover that I mentioned in my previous post.  I am learning the stitching as I go along-I need lots of practice, but it is fun! 

On another note, my daughter who is learning how to needle felt made an adorable little pig- she is now making another for me because I fell in love with her first one!
So these are a few of the things I have been working on....crafting ADD....I love it!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

My hubby is 40!

I wanted to share the yummy looking Pineapple Upsidedown Cake I made my hubby for his birthday.  It's cooling now, and I think I may have to persuade him to eat dessert first tonight!

On the felting front, I am trying to make a notebook cover.  This is my inspiration here

Off to roll, roll, roll ........  :)