Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Felted Flower Tutorial

Choose your wool.

Layout the inside color of the flower.

Layout in circle pattern.

Continue until you feel the layers are even.  Don't go too thick or your flower will not be as flexible for shaping.

Choose a length of wool for your stem. Mine was about 14 inches long.

Place stem onto back of flower.

I use tulle to cover my wool before wetting it.  I kept the stem away from the flower, only the end was on the flower.

Wetting the wool.  I used hot water with a bit of hand soap.

Wrap stem separately from the flower before rolling.

Roll, roll, roll.....

Rinse soap, and roll in your hands.  Open the flower, close the flower and continue to roll.  Continue this until the flower fibers stiffen.  Also roll the stem during this time.

Sometimes I need to trim the top of my flower to help shape it.  After I cut, I will repeat the previous step.

Finally shape flower and let dry.
For the center, I needle felt a ball, that I then needle felt into the center of my flower when it is dry.

Another variation to this project is to wet felt floral wire inside the stem.  It works well to allow the flower to stand up in a vase.  Hope this tutorial helps! :)