Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wet Felted Journal from Heather

On Monday I received a wonderful wet felted journal in the mail from my phenomenal felter friend Heather!  We made a trade of wool but in different forms.  I really liked the most recent journal she made and shared on her blog using yarn as a wrap.  When I commented on what a great idea it was to use yarn, she suggested a trade.  Well of course I jumped on that, because Heather makes beautiful felt, and my momma didn't raise no fool!  In trade, I sent her a box full of my hand spun yarn.  I sure hope she likes what I sent as much as I like this journal.  She asked what color I would like and I told her any neutral color would be fine.  Oh boy did she deliver! The colors and textures are just what I love.  Here are some shots of her beautiful work!! 
DSCN3988 (1024x768)
Outside Cover (front and back)

DSCN3992 (1024x768)