Sunday, August 5, 2012

Roosters in da house!?

Today is an animal post, yes, I do have some felting to show off, but that will be next.  When we decided to get chickens, I said I only wanted girls.  So I mail ordered some Ameraucana gals.  Well I got gals, and some boys.  I really was not too sure at first and then remarked to a friend that it sounded like my girls were cock a doodle doing...She said "You have Roosters!", I was still in denial saying "No, I think my girls are confused!"  

Well, my girls are not confused, I have myself 2 roosters!

I really do not want to get rid of any...they are my babies!  So far we have had no fights and Fifi, who is now known as "Frank", seems to be the head rooster.  Poulette, now known as Paul, has decided not to challenge his standing.  So, as long as peace reigns  in the "Chicken Kingdom", they both shall stay.