Sunday, August 12, 2012

Wet Felted Lattice Scarf with Long Locks

Yesterday was a fun day of wet felting and dyeing fibers!  I spent the early morning testing out my fall colorways.  I have decided on 4 different colorways that I will use to dye a variety of fibers.  I will be adding them into the shop in about 2 weeks.  This is the first time I have tried using consistent colorways and I am excited about it.  Also, investing in some larger fiber processing equipment was a great idea and will open many new avenues for me.  To think that I will be able to make my own top using fleeces that I have purchased makes me happy!

So anywho...after all of the dyeing, I was able to layout a scarf that I have been wanting to try out.  I fell in love with Chad Alice Hagen's lattice scarves and have been kicking around some ideas in my head.....I have some embellishment to add, but I am waiting for some of the supplies to come in the mail.  I used some of my stash of long locks for the ends of the scarf.  I had been trying to decide if I would spin them or felt them.  I am glad that I decided to felt them, and now have many more ideas for these long locks!  I have decided I really like the openness of this scarf and feel it is much more practical for Florida weather in the winter where we are pretty mild, although this will be worn when I head to Asheville this Fall!

As soon as I finished this one, I sketched out a large wrap using the same technique.  I have finished pulling the fibers (shades of blues) and will work on it today.  Stay tuned!
Detail of locks on scarf