Friday, September 7, 2012

Found my Groove

Happy Friday!!

Well I have a couple of new projects to post, but they are only part of what I have been working on lately.  I have taken a jump off the grid so to speak and have been using my time to create, I am enjoying the solitude of my days and spending time outdoors with the animals.  That being said, I also enjoy interacting with positive peeps, and have been doing that weekly with a local group of ladies spinning and playing with fiber.  And recently I started a pottery class at a local gallery.  It has been 17 years since I have worked on a potters wheel and I felt like I was all thumbs!  I am enjoying the process and am enjoying my time!

I am still spinning, but have really been focusing on my felting. Once again I am participating in Peace Felt.  This is my 3rd year and I am very excited to see how my project is received. If you are not familiar with Peace Felt, Click HERE for more information.My project which was wet felted, is drying as I type.  I will post a picture after my partner receives it!

Next week I will be dyeing and will invite a friend over to share my crazy technique.  I have a huge shipment of wool coming, the Merino is here, but I also am expecting BFL, Alpaca, Angora, Silk and an order of 6 lbs of yarn! It will be fun!

So here is a picture of a journal I made.  I gifted it to my sweet friend Ellen.  I went to the local middle school and worked the book fair for her during the school day.  She is a media specialist and loves to write, so I thought this would be perfect for her!  Thanks to Heather for the template!!

The next project is a nuno felted cuff.  I found yards and yards of silk that I must have been hoarding.  I did not remember buying it, but found it all when I was unpacking from our move!  I made a shawl, and this cuff. I am still adding beading, they are teeny tiny beads so it is taking me FOREVER!!  It's very lightweight and I am in love with the texture.