Thursday, September 13, 2012

Art Yarn Decorating

Back in early Spring we were packing our entire life to move to a new home.  I was and am not a fan of packing at all, and was overwhelmed to say the least!  When I finally made it to the garage and saw the amount of packing that was still left, I will admit I, for a millisecond, thought about tossing a match into the room and hoping it would all go away.  Instead, I had a garage sale.  When it came to the seasonal decorations, I decided I would sell it all, well almost all of it.....

Fast forward to the beginning of this week.  I decided I wanted to decorate my fireplace mantle.  Then I remembered....I sold most of my decorations......uh huh...sure did!  I knew my DH, who never complains about a thing, would not be a happy camper if I ran out and bought all new stuff.  So, I decided to challenge myself to decorate without buying anything new.  Tuesday evening found me in my fiber cottage making a batt that was chock full of texture and deep rich Fall inspired hues.  I decided to spin it uber thick, and then coil ply randomly.  What I ended up with is one of my favorite hand spun yarns to date.  I then when on a search throughout my cabinets and the little bit of holiday storage to decorate my mantle.  I am thrilled with the result!!  Art yarn can be used for more than weaving, crochet, or knitting.  It almost reminded me of my Christmas tree garland from last year.  Here are some pictures of the results!

DSCN4136 (800x600)