Friday, March 21, 2014

SAORI loom in da house!

My new SAORI loom arrived!  I purchased from Weavin Place SAORI Style on ETSY (awesome peeps)

It was amazingly easy to set up, and within 10 minutes, it was ready.  

I decided to try and stick with a few colors that matched a beautiful hand-spun thick and thin yarn that I spun last Spring.  The poor yarn has been moved around my workshop all year.  I never found the perfect project for it, until now......  

I started the weaving one evening once the weekend settled down and finished it bright and early the next morning.  Since I am using it for a table runner, I folded the ends over and gave them a quick stitch on my sewing machine, it was quite fun cutting off the fringe.

I am thrilled with the "visual movement" on the weft sections that I used the thick and thin yarn.  It gave me some ideas that I want to try out on future weavings, but for now I will write the ideas down in a note book since my brain seems to be stuffed with fiber ideas.  The loom is ready for another weaving and I'm excited to see what magic occurs when I get the chance to settle myself down in front of my new toy!
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