Sunday, March 23, 2014

A little, felting, spinning, and weaving.

A few weeks ago I made a yarn for a class that I am taking.
I was able to incorporate wet felting into my spinning.  I started by wet felting my vines, I added leaves to some of them, while others I left plain.  I also finished some of the ends off so I could leave them free hanging in the yarn while others were only felted in the middle leaving the ends us felted so they could be drafted and spun as part of the yarn.  I fell in love with this yarn and wanted to try adding wet felted flowers to the mix.  

Here is the fiber prep for spinning with the wet felted flowers and vines.  I included super soft mohair from my goats that I dyed a deep green.

Here is a picture of the finished spun yarn.

I knew that I wanted to somehow incorporate this yarn into a weaving, but had no idea how I was going to accomplish my goal.  I decided to go pull other fibers for the weaving, and "wing", the rest of it.  

As I wove and added textures, I realized this weaving was coming together without much planning and I figured that since I wanted an organic feel to the weaving, that I was open to letting it just happen.  I am thrilled with the final result and now my mind is spinning with possibilities of incorporating all 3 of these fiber arts into one.  


This definitely screams Spring to me!
Happy Creating!