Thursday, October 18, 2012

Spinning dresses, knitted shawls and wet felted journals....

I have been on a creative bender so to speak! It's amazing what being around positive creative people can do for a gal.

This week started with an idea that I had over a year ago while in a class at SAFF.   I decided to spin my wedding dress.

Now before you start freaking out about it, let me state that this dress has NO sentimental value to me.  It was a dress that I wore on my wedding day, but it was not what was important to me that day.  I had a wedding to appease family.   As a matter of fact, I was across the country the entire time my wedding was being planned!   I would have been quite happy having a get together with friends and a keg of beer...those were the military days. For the record, I am still with that same guy and the dress has followed us around for the last 20 years.....

I decided to deconstruct the dress and remove the lace, and beaded bling.  I knew I did not want to add wool, I just wanted to spin the dress material and then ply with a white chenille with the lace, buttons, tulle, and bling added to the plying chenille.  I core spun the material.  I was pretty amazed that it actually worked!

042 (600x800)039 (600x800)

I finally have decided to work on a VERY SIMPLE knitted shawl, as in a knit stitch and yarn over is all I need to do.  I am using a commercial wool yarn that has really pretty colors in it.  I am enjoying the knitting and have some ideas on the next one using more yarn overs in the middle to open it up more.....

048 (800x600)

And finally, I am having so much fun making journals.  I have also finally realized why working inside out is go great, I can add all kinds of lumpy bumps to the felting and they get felting in nice and tight! You can easily see this in the cream journal and the rose color journals.  The purple journal was wet felted right side out and the ribbons are not felted in a well as the other two.  Also on the cream journal, I tried wet felting burlap pieces.  The texture is great, but as a warning if you want to try this, sew the perimeter of the burlap before you start, it will help keep the pieces in place once you start felting. I can thank Heather , she is my felting inspiration.

047 (600x800)

Whew, I have been busy, but have still spent the majority of my time with my babies- you know you couldn't get away without a few animal pictures!!!!

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Have a fabulous day!