Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Messenger Bag

I have been on a bag felting frenzy. I decided that since we have such a short cold weather window here in Florida that I should focus on making felted objects that can be used year round! I do have a bit more to add to this bag, but wanted to share anyway.

The entire bag was wet felted over a resist and is seamless, that even includes the handle. I love the textures that the locks add to the bag and will be adding handspun yarn to embellish the front.  This is my 2nd bag like this and I really find it holds tons. It is big enough to carry folders.  I have found you can never have too many bags!


  1. I can NEVER have too many bags!!! :)

  2. It's beautiful! I have wanted to experiment with raw locks in my felting but...have been really neglect in felting for months.

    I think I need a play date with local felters to get inspired again.

  3. Its lovely Kelly! LOVE the locks & natural colouring.
    It must be a big one to carry folders in :)

  4. Heather, I think one for each day of the year would be perfect!
    Andrea, I have been on a frenzy of felting with long locks and undyed fibers.
    Deb, thanks so much, yes, I was amazed at how quickly this mystery wool felted and fulled. It did not shrink as much as I thought it would.


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