Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Our new LGD's

Yesterday the Florida Great Pyreneese Rescue called to let us know they were ready to bring our new rescues to our home. They had 2 dogs who were turned in from a farm that was liquidating their animals due to an illness in the family. These dogs had been together at the previous rescue home and needed to stay together, so we adopted them both!!

Snow, the male, is HUGE! He is a sweet dog who started working as soon as he was taken off his lead. He had a broken right leg a few years ago and has a slight limp, it sure does not slow him down. When he was turned in to rescue his hair was matted on his back end. So they had to shave him down. He looks just like a cream lion!  He is quite fond of the goats and walks to them with his tail wagging.

The female is Peaches and she is bonded with Snow. She had a rough start. They believe she was abused as a young dog, so she is very timid. She is going to take some time to trust us, but it looks promising because she let us approach her without running away.  She has the sweetest face and is very alert, she also went right to work once she was taken off the lead. It sure was something to watch them both work the perimeter of the property together.

I am going to enjoy getting to know these two sweet dogs, we are happy to have been able to give them both a forever home and are happy that we now have LGD's for our goats, chickens, and alpacas!
Peaches sitting in the shade under the pole barn.
Snow and Morgan getting to know each other.  Look at his haircut, he looks like a lion!