Saturday, September 3, 2011

It seems like forever!

Thank you to my friend Norma for reminding me to come out and play! :)
School is underway and I am EXHAUSTED!  Every year we start from scratch and run non stop until June.  It's a crazy cycle that makes me wish we had year round school!

I have been busy dyeing today to try and restock my shop.  In the down time between rinsing fleece, I decided to spin up a bump of Merino/Alpaca that I purchased from Andrea of Wonder Why Alpacas.  I love how this blend is spinning up! 
I added 2 more fiber toys to my arsenal over the past few weeks. :) I guess I'm not too tired to continue to stimulate the economy! ;)
The first is another wheel.  I bought an Ashford Country Spinner- this wheel is PERFECT for creating those chunky art yarns, and is so much fun to core spin on!!  The next toy is a beautiful new 5' tri-loom.  I have everything I need to start a shawl....but I am scared to death!  I think I need to take the plunge and get on with it. More later...on to pull in all the fiber I dyed today!  Here's a peek of some.....