Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Oh Where, Oh Where Did My Sun Go?

Once again this post has me shaking my head at how fast time has flown since my last post!

As typical here in Florida, we have been having afternoon thunderstorms.  While I love how green it makes the pastures, it creates a whole other level of mess when you are dealing with animals.  

Here is the glorious green grass in the goats paddocks.  These are 2 shade/rain shelters for the goats in case they don't feel like running back to the barn.  I personally think they are a waste since my goats seem to love running around like fools in the rain.  

Case in point....here are two of my dodos who love to sit in the rain....they are soaked!

Before the rain started, I tried a round of solar dyeing in 1/2 gallon mason jars.  I was happily surprised at how successful it was and plan on (once the sun comes back) continuing this daily throughout the summer. 

Here is a shot of the dried fiber ready for some fluffing.
Just a reminder that sign up for my classes at SAFF are open!  Drop me a line if you sign up!

Time to feed the critters, more later-happy creating!