Sunday, March 17, 2013

Felting Frenzy, Exciting News, and Crazy Goats!

HeHebasketFor the past couple of months I have been thinking about projects I would like to create.  But I never quite got beyond the thinking stage.....there was always an excuse why I could not get those projects started.  I finally jumped in and have been on a creative bender so to speak and for the most part, almost all of those ideas became completed projects!  Here are just a few that I wanted to share. Lot's more to share......soon.

Hand Spun   Pillow

The next bit I have to share is some SUPER. EXCITING. NEWS......

I will be teaching Nuno Felting and Wet Felting at SAFF this year! Here is the schedule and if you are in the area, please stop by, I would love to meet you.  

On the critter front, the Alpacas are getting their "hair cuts" on April 2nd.  It will be fun to have another load of fiber to create with.  I know they will feel much cooler without those fleeces on too. 
 Who Me?

We will have 3 more goats joining us soon.  One, another Angora, who we have named Annie Oakley will arrive once she is weaned.  The names have started evolving around a theme of sorts....we have Bonnie and Clyde, Billy the Kid, and now little Annie. Poor Chessie must be feeling left out! The other two who are Pygora, are still "cooking" in their mommas bellies.  

And now finally some silliness from Billy my sunflower seed loving Angora.