Monday, June 4, 2012

The animals are moved!

Saturday was the day to bring Challenger and Capt. Jack home. Challenger has been agisted since late December at a local place and Capt. Jack is an Alpaca that I purchased and brought to the farm on Saturday.  So now I have two boys here, one is a rose grey and the other is a medium grey. 

The boys are only 6 months apart in age, ans so far are getting along well.  Only a few air spits the first day and none since that I have seen.  They each have their feeding stations and are calmly eating, which was my biggest worry.  They are loving the sun, the grass, and Challenger of course has been loving the hose.  Capt. Jack is not too sure of the hose, and when I squirt it at his legs, he sort of high steps like a horse, but he makes sure you spray all of his legs by turning, so it must not be too bad!

The funniest thing that has happened so far deals with the "poo pile."  Since we have all grass, it is quite a pain to rake all of the beans while the rake gets tangled in the grass.  So earlier Sunday morning we brought dirt into the pasture and made a "dirt poo pile".  Challenger was so gracious as to poo along the perimeter, but hey, it's a start.....Later that day I looked over toward their pasture while I was in the lower part of the property cutting grass.  I saw that Capt.Jack was sunning himself.  Awww, I thought with a smile, he's settling in.......on closer inspection, I realized he settled in alright, right on top of the "poo pile!"  I will say today, he made himself a new sandy area and has decided the "poo pile" may not be the best place to rest.....thank goodness- and yes, he got a nice spray down after that!

On the goat front, we brought Chessie home.  She is a chocolate brown 100% Angora gal who is a little over 1 month old.  I cannot wait to get my hands on her soft ringlets for spinning!!  All 3 of the goats are having fun and keeping me laughing at their antics.  We will finish their yard next weekend, but they will only spend days out there until they get a bit bigger and we have finished building a goat house that they can be locked into at night.  We have coyotes (although we have yet to see them on our property) so I want to make sure they are safe.

Needless to say, I have been busy, but have loved every single second of it!