Monday, May 21, 2012

Little Critters

Good Morning!!
I just finished a huge dye session and am now working on some new color combinations for batts. Many of them seem to be coming from the green, green landscape I am surrounded by in my new home. This past weekend I went to a local guild meeting, and I actually spun the majority of the time. It was nice! I need to wash the skein and then I will post a picture. But have no fear, I have tons of other pictures to share! First, I want to share another needle felted creation that my super talented daughter is making me for my birthday. I am just tickled that she is making this using all of my hand processed fibers.

Bonnie aka TROUBLE!
More fun here has been happening on the critter front.  We have two new babies that joined us late Saturday afternoon.  Twins, now named Bonnie and Clyde.  They are Nigora goats.  Momma is a heavy Nigora, and dad is a full Angora.  Bonnie our little girl, looks very much like her momma, and Clyde has the droopy ears of an angora.  They are stinkin' cute and about 4 lbs each.  Already their little personalities are apparent and they have made us fall so far behind on everything since we cannot seem to stop watching them!  Bonnie is fearless and when we had her out in the pasture, she took off running!  Luckily when I caught up to the little imp, she followed me back up the hill!  Clyde on the other hand is much more cautious than his little sister.  He much prefers to hang out around in the shade!