Wednesday, September 21, 2011

It's done....

My first tri-loom shawl!!  I love the open weave of this shawl.  It's perfect for Florida's Fall and Winter.  As a "first time learned from the internet project", I am quite pleased. Even if I never wear it, looking at it makes me smile.

It has been a therapy shawl of sorts.  I have many hours of thinking woven into this shawl, even a few tears. Hopefully the negative energy I have absorbed over the past few weeks has been worked out into this shawl (from people who love nothing better than to lump good teachers together with bad and wonder why the good ones are so hard to find....)

Letting it go.........and loving my shawl.....

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Tri -loom fun!

Hi all!  I have been working on a special project this week.......

Being back to work has made it much harder to find the time to work on this project, but it has proven to be a very relaxing way to spend some down time.  So, while my DD is busy with homework I have been weaving...since we are working on the same table, we can chit chat when she needs help and I get to spend a little more time with her! 

The yarn I am weaving with is a single I spun during TDF on Ravelry.  I LOVE weaving on this loom because I don't have to warp it first....I am using one continuous strand for both the warp and the weft!  That's my kind of weaving!!  This will make a nice size shawl and I should be done with the weaving this weekend......all I will need to add is a fringe. 

Saturday, September 3, 2011

It seems like forever!

Thank you to my friend Norma for reminding me to come out and play! :)
School is underway and I am EXHAUSTED!  Every year we start from scratch and run non stop until June.  It's a crazy cycle that makes me wish we had year round school!

I have been busy dyeing today to try and restock my shop.  In the down time between rinsing fleece, I decided to spin up a bump of Merino/Alpaca that I purchased from Andrea of Wonder Why Alpacas.  I love how this blend is spinning up! 
I added 2 more fiber toys to my arsenal over the past few weeks. :) I guess I'm not too tired to continue to stimulate the economy! ;)
The first is another wheel.  I bought an Ashford Country Spinner- this wheel is PERFECT for creating those chunky art yarns, and is so much fun to core spin on!!  The next toy is a beautiful new 5' tri-loom.  I have everything I need to start a shawl....but I am scared to death!  I think I need to take the plunge and get on with it. More later...on to pull in all the fiber I dyed today!  Here's a peek of some.....