Saturday, August 6, 2011

Shetland Fiber Study

For the month of July, I (and fellow Ralvelers) took a look at Shetland fiber.  The focus for the group was to explore spinning Shetland fleece.

A little while ago I mentioned a new book called The Fleece and Fiber Source Book.  The book is amazing and has almost everything you would want to know about fiber.  The part that was missing for me was the felting part.  So I figured since I was spinning it, I could also felt it and then I would have knowledge of another fiber that I could possibly use for projects.  Yes, I know that information is already out there on the internet somewhere, but I like to see and feel it for myself. :)

The fiber I used was most definitely double coated.  The wool was coarse to the touch and this would not be my first choice for spinning, but I would use this for felting if I needed a sturdy finished product.  It wet felted easily and with 3 fine layers gave me a nice sturdy piece of felt.  I would love to make a bag using this wool as I think it would be sturdy and resist pilling.  I'm still working on finishing the spinning and then I will ply the yarn, was, and then determine how I feel about using it for a crochet or knit project.  Right now for felting, I give it a thumbs up.