Friday, February 4, 2011

I feel like a Smurf!

I just finished dyeing a few pounds of wool.  While I was immersing the wool into the royal blue dye, I accidentally pushed the edge of my glove into the dye and yes, as you have probably guessed, I filled my glove up with blue dye!  But the results were worth it-the colors are yummy!  I also dyed some green tonight- about 1 lb.  I had a bag of scraps and bits of roving that I had been using for flowers and small objects.  I decided to throw the whole lot ( approx. 6 oz.) into the green dye too.  I love the result of the variegated greens I ended up with.  Even the hot pink over dyed into a pretty mossy green!  I needed a variety of greens for a panel I am working on and this gave me a huge variety of shades to work with......not too bad for scraps! Too late to dry tonight so I will post those pictures tomorrow.