Saturday, March 14, 2015

New Felted Fun and a Trip to Visit my Pig...

Well I spent most of the winter organizing my workspace.  I found some time to design some shawls that are going to be perfect for classes.  As a matter of fact, I head out later this next week to spend two days teaching a new design to a group of wonderful ladies.  

Here is one of the shawls done in blue and green.  The base fabric gives an extra special effect and adds another layer of texture that makes this a fun shawl to felt.
Another fun class is the ginormous flower class.  I enjoy wetfelting flowers more than anything!  These are extra special because of their size.

So enough about felting, today I got a chance to visit an organic farm that specializes in selling organically raised meat and milk animals.  I will be picking up my little pig in a few weeks or so. I'm thrilled to be able to raise this pig on non-GMO food and know that my family will be able to eat the healthiest pork that they have ever tasted.  :) The farm was beautifully situated and every single turn I made I was able to see happy and healthy animals enjoying a beautiful day.