Monday, June 9, 2014

Surface Texture Project

I have been spending the past few weekends felting small projects.  These projects focused on adding texture to wet felting.  For the final portion of the class we had to incorporate as many of the techniques that we wanted into a project.  I made a wearable. which is not something I do a lot since I don't really have the opportunity to wear them here in Florida.  My base was cotton but many of the techniques included silk.  It was fun using something other than silk for the large portion, I did not have the anxiety of ruining an expensive piece of silk for a project that I was not sure would turn out.  I dyed the merino, silk and all of the added fibers, so I was able to ensure that my colors would work together.
Here is my final piece.  I added a jersey back to create a vest type top.

Lots of texture was created with the techniques.  I'm currently working on a sketch for a bag.  I definitely found some techniques that I like better than others, but all in all, it has been a fun learning experience.