Sunday, February 17, 2013

Scarves Using Batts

Wet felted scarf

I have had many requests for scarves from friends lately.  I love most when I am just given a color and then told to make it fun.
Now that I have a dedicated workshop and am able to see all of my fibers in one place, making batts becomes a free for all!  The scarf pictured above is one that I kept.  I love these colors together.
Using batts to make scarves with tons of textures is a semi obsession for me right now.  For once I actually documented the process...well sorta'.

In this 1st picture above, the fibers have been layed out and wet down.

This next picture shows the scarf after a few hundred rolls. 

And finally the finished scarf.  This was the first felted project that I made using some of my own animals fiber.  I cannot tell you how thrilling it is to be able to do this!  

And here is a picture of my alpacas checking out Piper after her recent hair cut- she is not too concerned with them at all.  They get freaked out when she hops and take off out of their barn to pronk around their pasture.....they are big goofballs!