Sunday, February 14, 2010

Ask least he likes the cold weather...

See I have a problem with the weather right's cold!  Yes, yes, I know it's winter..but see, that's why I live in Florida!  Our houses are not insulated for weather in the 30's.  And after running to the mall looking for winter clothers, I realized you need to buy those BEFORE it gets cold-silly me! :)  All of the spring and summer clothes are already on the racks!  The only one who likes this weather is our Chinchilla Ralph.  He has been enjoying the cooler house temperatures and has been VERY active. 

Busy, crafty, weekend!

I experimented tons this weekend. I made a scarf, tons of soaps, and an apple. The scarf was my first and I think it's too thick. I am going to try again using thinner layers of wool to see if it makes a difference.
The soaps are fun and smell so great while making them. We really like using and them and I even got my husband to use them. Here they are!

My final project this weekend was a needle felted apple.  My mom wanted a pin cushion for her quilting needles.  I had fun felting this apple until it felt very solid.  Here is the picture:

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Merino Wool

I just received my first order of Merino wool. It is soooo soft! I cannot wait to try making something from it. I love the colors too! I purchased it from Sheepish Creations at Etsy.
I finally finished felting this knitted bowl. The wool on this one took much longer to felt by hand. I like how the top is rolled over and thicker.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Wet Felted Eyeglass Case

I had fun playing with bits of many colors. This was my first sheet of felt made by wet felting. It is perfect for my glasses and I can always find it in my purse because of the bright colors!

Fair Find and Fun!

So yesterday the family and I headed off to the state fair. While we were walking around Cracker Country ( a outdoor museum of rural Florida) they had many hands on activities that you could take part in. One station had rope making, another had candle making, more showed weaving, and finally I came across a felting station. While this was not a hands on activity for guests I was shown how to make a felt hat. Not the full process mind you, the demonstrator was rolling the felt at the time. It was really fun to watch in person rather than through a You Tube video tutorial. I found an herb area and was able to buy a huge bag of dried lavender. My hubby had a laugh at me over it. He saw me move in for the smell, and then walk a few steps away before I swirled around and asked the gentleman running the booth how much it was. When I questioned my hubby on why he laughed, he said he knew I would not make it past a few steps before I turned around and bought some! I guess after 18 years he does know me well! :) It inspired me to come home and make a felt panel that I could sew into a sachet bag for some of the wonderful smelling lavender.

Saturday, February 6, 2010


This strawberry was fun to make. I have to admit the back side is a little flat. But all in all, I think I did a fairly decent job of making it look like a strawberry -if I do say so myself! :) The rest of the day will be spent playing around with easter cookie cutters to create ornaments for my pussy willow tree.