Thursday, October 18, 2012

Spinning dresses, knitted shawls and wet felted journals....

I have been on a creative bender so to speak! It's amazing what being around positive creative people can do for a gal.

This week started with an idea that I had over a year ago while in a class at SAFF.   I decided to spin my wedding dress.

Now before you start freaking out about it, let me state that this dress has NO sentimental value to me.  It was a dress that I wore on my wedding day, but it was not what was important to me that day.  I had a wedding to appease family.   As a matter of fact, I was across the country the entire time my wedding was being planned!   I would have been quite happy having a get together with friends and a keg of beer...those were the military days. For the record, I am still with that same guy and the dress has followed us around for the last 20 years.....

I decided to deconstruct the dress and remove the lace, and beaded bling.  I knew I did not want to add wool, I just wanted to spin the dress material and then ply with a white chenille with the lace, buttons, tulle, and bling added to the plying chenille.  I core spun the material.  I was pretty amazed that it actually worked!

042 (600x800)039 (600x800)

I finally have decided to work on a VERY SIMPLE knitted shawl, as in a knit stitch and yarn over is all I need to do.  I am using a commercial wool yarn that has really pretty colors in it.  I am enjoying the knitting and have some ideas on the next one using more yarn overs in the middle to open it up more.....

048 (800x600)

And finally, I am having so much fun making journals.  I have also finally realized why working inside out is go great, I can add all kinds of lumpy bumps to the felting and they get felting in nice and tight! You can easily see this in the cream journal and the rose color journals.  The purple journal was wet felted right side out and the ribbons are not felted in a well as the other two.  Also on the cream journal, I tried wet felting burlap pieces.  The texture is great, but as a warning if you want to try this, sew the perimeter of the burlap before you start, it will help keep the pieces in place once you start felting. I can thank Heather , she is my felting inspiration.

047 (600x800)

Whew, I have been busy, but have still spent the majority of my time with my babies- you know you couldn't get away without a few animal pictures!!!!

023 (600x800)035 (600x800)
Have a fabulous day!

Friday, October 12, 2012

A felted bag of curls and locks...

Yesterday I busted out the long locks. I decided it was time to try them out on a felted bag.

I used a resist for this bag and tried felting it inside out. I do have to say, I like doing it this way when adding embellishments such as locks, ribbons and pieces if pre-felts. At the last minute, I remembered to add a different color dot to the side I used the locks. I am happy with the results and am going to keep refining this shape. I have plans to work on a natural colored one today.

Also I had to add another picture of Toby! He is all puppy and when he snoozes, he snoozes hard!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Roos, Puppies and yarn!

Lots to share today.  It has been quite crazy around here.  Remember those roosters I posted about a bit ago?  Well they have been kicked out of the hen house.  They decided to start acting like roosters when I would go get eggs from the gals.  The last straw was when I opened the door to the coop to be met with a face full of rooster.  He cut my eyelid and I'm sorry to say I drop kicked him before I realized what I was doing.  Don't worry he is fine but my eye was pretty sore.


After talking my husband down from culling the boy, I decided to let them (both Frank and Paul) go free range in one of the open pastures.  May the odds ever be in their favor......(gotta love The Hunger Games!)

I have a friend who is a foster for puppies here in Florida.  She will usually post those heart string tugging pictures of her foster puppies on Facebook and usually I have an iron will and resist all ploys of these wonderful foster peeps......until I saw this face....

This will teach me to get on Facebook...... Now he (Toby) is home with us, we are in love,  we are worn out from puppy antics, and we would do it again in a heartbeat! He is a bundle of energy and loves following me around while I am taking care of the animals.

And finally, I will leave you with a yarn I spun last night.  I used my rainbow dyed BFL top.  Once I finished my single, I chain plyed it.  I really like the color blocking I was able to get.

Well that's it from me, I am off to spend my morning with my dear friends at our weekly guild meeting.  Toodles!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

October already!

I cannot believe that October is already here!  I have been anticipating this month as much as a little kid anticipates Christmas.  At the end of the month I will be heading to Asheville for the Southeastern Animal Fiber Fest.  I have 2 classes scheduled this year, one is Traditional Rug Hooking, and the other is called Nuno meets Hand Spun.  I really had to think hard on whether to take a felting class. The class areas are not heated and I remember how cold it was last year- I felt sorry for the felters because they had wet hands.
I'm sorry, but this Florida gal froze last year- I  took a spinning class and remember my toes being numb with the cold! 

This past month has been a busy one!  I participated in Peace Felt for the 3rd year in a row, I will post my wonderful gift from my partner in a later post. :)

September also found me wet felting new shawls and scarves, and I even sold a few.  I also sold my first skeins of hand spun yarn and participated as a vendor in my first Farmers Market.
I took a class recently on embedding stones into felt and have made a few cuffs. The class was given by Pat Riesenburger from Urban Stitch Studio. I have slowly been embellishing them and have enjoyed the process, I also was able to use some vintage buttons from my collection.
DSCN4201 (800x600)

I finally completed a knit bag from my handspun, and am looking for inspiration for the handles.  So far nothing I have come up with is making me happy.  I do remember seeing some nice pieces of leather at Earth Guild in Asheville, so I will check for some on my trip at the end of the month.  The batt used for this hand spun was made by my daughter.
DSCN4189 (800x600)

The animals are doing well and we have been having fun with the silly goats.  We finished a pasture area for them and they have been enjoying the nice dry weather.  These two, Chessie and Billy will be sheared in November.  They are growing some beautiful mohair!!  Billy even has little curls growing at the end of his ears.  I am smitten with my fluff balls.
My little guy Clyde, who was so sick when we got him at 1 week old, has really done well over these past few months.  When he was sick, he would sit on my lap because he was very weak and it really seemed to calm him.  Now he expects to have his daily nap on my lap and I'm not quite sure what I will do as he gets larger.   He is such a sweet boy and forgave me for making him a wether.  His fleece is turning into ringlets, and has a beautiful sheen to it.  I will be shearing him and his twin in May.

The alpacas were not too sure what to think about the new next door neighbors and spend their time humming and rushing the fence, the goats, well, they didn't seem to care too much about them!  So funny to see how the alpacas react to anything outside of their "normal".

  Snow, one of our LGD's is such a sweet dog and loves hanging with the goats.  Peaches is still very wary of us but has also been a great guardian for the goats.  It makes me so mad at times to think that someone abused her.  I can get her to stay in the barn if I ignore her when I walk into it.  Then she will let me brush and love on her- it will take time.
Action shot of Snow, he loves to hit the ground with his paws and run around me!

I am still waiting patiently for cooler weather, but have noticed a drop in the humidity more over the past few days.  I want to do more of this.....

Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful week!
XO- Kelly